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Potty Training and Market Incentives, Vaping’s Supply Chain, Climate, AI, Schizophrenia, and Fintech (Weekend Reads, 2/15/20)

Weekend Reads is an eclectic collection of seven fascinating articles I’ve encountered during the previous week. These are posted here in a spirit of open dialogue, curiosity, and explorative conversation (Bollinger, 2019; Hatch, 2019) . Hope you find these as thought-provoking as I have. Thoughtful, well-reasoned, and respectful comments are…

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What On Earth Is A SIB?

This piece was originally published on the Global SIB Database by Benjamin Murphy on March, 21 2019 (updated November 9, 2019). “A SIB is a pay-for-performance [financial] instrument that incentivizes investors to take [on] the risk of a certain project achieving specified social outcomes in exchange for a potential financial…