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Category: Sustainability

Scotland’s Ice Age, Designing for Serendipity, Carbon Cost, and Frictionless Philanthropy (Weekend Reads, 2/8/20)

Lately, it’s been extremely difficult to make time to blog about … well, anything. Between family, work, and grad school my schedule is beyond maximum capacity However, I still read a lot of material. I want to make a habit of sharing some of the better reads. So, here you…

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How Big Business Is Hedging Against The Apocalypse (NYTimes)

A very striking read from The New York Times Magazine’s recent ‘The Climate Issue’ on the current realities of the energy market in the face of climate change. “Absent a coherent strategy, opportunists step in and benefit from the shifting landscape. Technology advances, but not the system underneath. Faced with…

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Spinnova Tech Enables Sustainable Fashion (Fast Company)

Incredible technology coming out of Finland from a start-up named SPINNOVA. Profiled in a recent FastCompany article, Spinnova’s tech promises to revolutionize the clothing industry by allowing many fiber based waste products (wood pulp, food waste, old clothing) to be reduced and reconstructed into high-quality fabric. “Your future T-shirts might…

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Target Corporation Commits to Fair Trade Coffee

TARGET CORPORATION recently announced, in partnership with Fair Trade USA, that their Archer Farms coffee brand products will be certified fair trade by 2022. This is certainly a big move (and a welcome commitment) coming from a corporation as large as Target, but particularly so given that coffee futures are…

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