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Category: Inclusive Growth

Potty Training and Market Incentives, Vaping’s Supply Chain, Climate, AI, Schizophrenia, and Fintech (Weekend Reads, 2/15/20)

Weekend Reads is an eclectic collection of seven fascinating articles I’ve encountered during the previous week. These are posted here in a spirit of open dialogue, curiosity, and explorative conversation (Bollinger, 2019; Hatch, 2019) . Hope you find these as thought-provoking as I have. Thoughtful, well-reasoned, and respectful comments are…

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Where the Rubber Hits The Road: Putting People First In American Cities (Columbia | SIPA)

This Thursday, Mayor Michael D Tubbs of Stockton, CA and Columbia SIPA’s Ester Fuchs will discuss “Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Putting People First in American Cities” – sign up to view this LIVE, webcast edition of Just Societies! EVENTBRITE: WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD: PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST IN…

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Enabling Models of Inclusive Growth (Global Focus Magazine)

“To advance sustainable and inclusive growth we need to address the puzzle of a simultaneous increase in wealth disparity and a decline in poverty.” Yuwa Hedrick-Wong and Howard Thomas offer an insightful shift in economics perspective. LINK: GLOBAL FOCUS MAGAZINE – ENABLING MODELS OF INCLUSIVE GROWTH: ADDRESSING THE NEED FOR FINANCIAL…

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