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Scotland’s Ice Age, Designing for Serendipity, Carbon Cost, and Frictionless Philanthropy (Weekend Reads, 2/8/20)

Lately, it’s been extremely difficult to make time to blog about … well, anything. Between family, work, and grad school my schedule is beyond maximum capacity However, I still read a lot of material. I want to make a habit of sharing some of the better reads. So, here you…

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Social Investing Terminology: Google Search Trends And Usage

I researched, compiled, and analyzed the following material on Friday, October 18 – Saturday, October 19, 2019 as supporting evidence for a book dissection assignment of Lester M. Salamon’s Leverage for Good: an Introduction to the New Frontiers of Philanthropy and Social Investment (2014) for my ‘Role & Unique Nature…

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